Monday, 18 July 2011

people who make me alive

hi there..
the last post before i shared some of my good memories in National Service.. as i look down back in time im just damn lucky .. its all about having friends right?? thats it.. apart of having a best family quality, friends are also the same.. just imagine life with absolutely with no friends at all..absurd tho..speaking of having friends..there are lots of PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME ALIVE..its a great impressions right?? dont bother about that..because all my babes deserve this one.. lets check them out!
my babes since high school.. its already 6 yrs..hihihi

mtrxx penang babes... miss them very much

my roomies n our fav buddies!

most close classmates in mtrxx.. best babes ever tho!im
am i just that damn lucky??? YES  I DO!!!!!!!!

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  1. kau suruh aku follow kau, tapi kau tak follow aku balik,, apa cerita der. hu !
    ntahh apa2