Friday, 21 December 2012

Story About "Cucuq Keria"

salam/ hi peeps!

been awhile that im suddenly disappearing from blogging.. is not that i dont have thought to share full-loaded with thought to be exact.. im just finished with all the field trips.. and the last one will be on next Thurs.. such a hectic months!! right before the final.. typical SBG.. we are always busy right after midsem's break started.. 

it was my birthday which was on 15th Dec..the last day of field trip in Terengganu.. well, thanks to all classmates/course-mates and also the the lecturer for singing birthday song to me!! it was so simple but full of energy! thanks again guys!! =)... so, as self-rewarded i managed to find a cool fossil for my self near Aring, Kelantan..actually that' what Paleontology's field trip all about.. finding fossil!! 

but hey, this entry should be about "cucuq keria"!! you see, this sem my roomates were my coursemates.. both of them are from "utaqa".. so practically my father also from "utaqa", means i can get myself to FIT in.. is not so easy, because im half Kelantanesse and half Penang.. basically i mixed up everything.. like everything!!

 but today's lesson about being "utaqa" is making the "cucuq keria"!!! okay, called me noob or whatever names are.. but yes! i didn't know about that "kuih" before.. when i was in Tanjung Tokong, Penang or Taiping, Perak even in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, i looked up for normal "kuih" that i regularly takes.. im barely didnt know about that special "cucuq keria"! when i said, nope! i dont know that "kuih", definitely i dont know how to make it! thanks Eva n Farah, taught me how to make "cucuq keria".. all the process makes me such a loser!! barely DONT KNOW SINGLE THING!!!!!!!  i wished i could learn how make traditional "kuih" so that, my in-laws, future hubby, future kids will be proud of me =)

one of them said that" kesian kat ang, muka macam jakun/ciwi/whatever-you-called-it".. all i can do was, smiled..  i wanted to learn as i never had the chance like they have.. having grandparents whom can teach them about traditional  things.. my grandma, she's more like a person who less care about being traditional.. hahaha.. cool granny, is it??? i helped them by frying those "kuih"... first tryout was "hangit".. like, damn/crap! its getting better after i get myself along with the fire-controlling.. i forgot to take pictures.. but i Google the "cucuq keria's pic for you guys..