Friday, 31 August 2012

Pengisahan Tempo Raya 2012


 since the last post was composed such a long time ago, i saved some of thought in my head.. on how i faced my finals which was okay and turns up having a good result.. Alhamdulillah.. despite of frustrating not holding a dean list. * which what im dying for!* im having a pretty good time spending my raya.. how awesome it went???? im blast with this year! totally!! except for.. only the bujangs were at home on 1st day of raya... both married son n daughter raya with in-laws..  this raya also went double.. all because of the new kiddo in the house!! welcome aboard nephew, kimi!!! =D.. do scroll down and enjoy how Simple-Silly-Messy Missy Rana's raya!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear Pn Liza & En Fazil..=)

The Bujangs

umi & akie  

umi & my biggest bully bro! apik

umi & missy rana!

umi & the bongsu

akie & missy rana!

 and yes to bring my raya goes superb excited, i met my gadis2!!! 6 years of no catching up do kill us.. but hey.. we make it!!! up to no limit!!!! exception for balqis.. i met her every single time that i could!!! i had blast with my gadis2.. had talk from moon shows up n sun goes up!!! it was a hectic day! but lots of fun n love!!! meet them!!

mimi, balqis, teq, missy rana n nieja!!!