Monday, 26 September 2011

please grow up!!!

hi peers.. hows ur day?? hope it is much brighter than i am today.. okay.. im now in mood of annoyed.. why am i saying such a fussy thing??? because some of people dont know how to give back when someone lends their hand... seems weird thingy to share with.. but to be truth.. im just sick n really damn tired from all these people.. hello!!! be nice to people who willing to help u out... dont just move ur butt off!! whenever comes things that need ur attention n cooperation, please make urself available.. dont u learn anything from civics classes??? if u have to stuck in a group, whether u like o not.. u hv to participate.. dont just rely on other person to back u up.. some other people hv their things to do.. ever think about it??? its just.. hey!!! wake up.. u r not in kindergarten anymore.. u know what ur job is... then do it... dont expect other people to do ur things... can u just GROW UP?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

today's thought

hi peeper! how's ur day?? for the first thingy.. okay i have to say I'M DEEPLY SORRY... i just cant share my pics yet for the time being... have to find some other time.. i'm too damn busy with all the study things... it felt like, okay.. back in high school's and college's time.. i cant be away from my blog or my social network but from now on i have to put some of limit of it.. seems so hard because i barely dont know how.. so what should i do?? from what i'm thinking.. yes.. i NEED & HAVE TO stick with it... dont make me say any words that can relate to BREAK UP WITH TECHNOLOGIES.. okay enough about bubbling this crap.. back to my study..
u know what.. it has been like 2 years since i left my thought about physic.. just now i finished with my FIRST EXPERIMENT.. it just.. woowwww... i never know how complicated the experiment can be.. although its about measurement.. it is not like that we used to do in high school... this time we used something more sensitive than ruler.. using vernier caliper n micrometer... have u ever heard about it?? i bet u do.. if u r a science student before.. its really  really hard to just read the reading.. need to know what is a zero error.. oh my.. how hard it has to be?? really really hard if u were life science stream before.. have to repeat the reading over  and over again.. this part required a high degree of patience.. if u r not cool enough,okay u will feel like want to scream.. hahahaha.. am i just being over reacting?? i guess so.. so drama queen..
well.. thats exactly what we will do when facing some sort of stressing thing... be chill and everything will be just fine... see u guys in next entry..
keys off...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

talk n talk

hi peeper! seems like i being away for quite some time.. got lots of things in my head to share with u guys.. this entry might be much longer than what I've done..
for very first thing has to be Eid celebration.. i have to say..YES! this is the BEST YEAR EVER.. the reason why i say so was i still get my pocket full of Eid Money.. u hv to admit it.. its getting harder to get this DUIT RAYA since u getting older.. most of my friends send their jealousy toward me.. all because i got almost RM300!! wow.. its quite a good number.. does it??? say YES okay!=D.. barely my babes only got like below than RM50.. okay what.. b thank dear.. since my DUIT RAYA rose this year, it seems perfectly match with weighing scale.. i guess its only an ERROR.. n yet it wasnt!! oh no!! have to start MY FAKE DIET!! okay2.. laugh ur butt off.. DIET is not in my dictionary of life.. if i said i want to lost weight it goes opposite!! so it will be safe if i said, I DONT BOTHER ABOUT WEIGHT STUFF.. n i will much thinner.. hope so!!=D
second thing has goes to my NEW LIFE IN CAMPUS!! im currently in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.. pursuing my degree on Geo-science.. im 19 yrs old n on my way getting degree.. its just awesome!! in this course, i didnt expect to learn again about PHYSICS!! i left all my memories about it in high school.. never cross in my mind to have ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP WITH PHYSIC!! i guess i never gave any clear words since OUR BREAK UP IN HIGH SCHOOL.. thats why its keep on with me.. so what i have to do??  it means that i have to RECALL BACK all about this thingy.. have to open my boxes just to find any particular things that related to it.. if i still have it.. if not.. i need some HANDSOME TUTOR to teach me... or else i wont b spark to learn physic as i learn bio.. life in here doesnt differ with matric life.. except i hv SO MUCH FREE TIME in here.. its only 1 o 2 o 3 class per day.. back in matric, class start at early in 8 am n ends in 5 pm.. my new friends.. as i can say.. they all superb!! same as my friends in matric.. my room, it was fine.. roomiest,thanks GOD.. they all hilarious.. got from Johor, Penang n also from Kelantan.. we can share the same thought.. it was really really fine roommates..
on the next entry, i will share all my pictures in here.. n lete the pics do the talk.. c ya!!
keys off!