Thursday, 29 December 2011

will missed my 2011!!!!!!!

hello people!! another 1 day to go for new year!! 2012.. is it??? some people make random humor about this... as i read my friend's status update on FB, she said " dont go to toilet on 31 Dec 2011 at 11.59pm!! or else u will show up on another year!!" creative.. first thought about that.. the other friend said, " why u guys study so damn hard lar... we do have exam next year!!!" okay, we hv our final exactly on 1st Jan 2012 lar genius!! 1 day left lar!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another 1 more day??? n what im doing now??? typing an entry at this 2 AM??????? after undergo some stress period, i need to chill lar.. rest my brain.. before start to study again...

on last 15th Dec 2011, it was me.. passing the age of 19.. i am already 19 now!! next year will b my ticket to become OFFICIALLY GROW UP!!! hows my bfday went??? okay, celebrate it with roomies, friends at Family Kopitiam...went out from hostel around 11.30pm on 14th Dec... got back at 4 am on 15th Dec... thanks again for all wishes n callers!! i do appreciate u guys!! thanks cz being there for me... truly glad hv u guys.. auuwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! on evening of the day, my family fetch me n we had our time together...n my mom bought a cake for me to enjoy with friends back in hostel.. its completely different when celebrating u day with family n friends... right??? i do feel so... n the day went awesome when my friend cooked dinner for all of us!! nasi tomato... it was my fav... it was so damn good!! credit to MIEZA!! do cook for me again okay!!

what do u got for bfday??? okay, i got MORE LOVE!! lalalala... i got FROGGY's FAMILY!!! the big one from MAI n MIEZA which i called it MAIZA..the medium one from ALEX n i called it A.D.. the small one is from SYUK,n the name given was, my abg 'Syuk' gave me a lovely storyboard about ' girl with frog's dream'.. thanks abg!! *im sorry for what i hve done..u hv been away from me now.. where were u?? i do need my abg..T__T* thanks to ADIB for rm10 key-chain!! n DAYANG,thanks a lot kawan!!! she bought us a FRIENDSHIP RINGS!!! same design,same pattern just different in size!! hahaha.. thanks yaaa!!!!!!!! luv it!! next entry,i'll show u guys all the presents okay!! insyaAllah =D *i cant share with u guys all the photos that taken on that day cz my phone was attacked by virus!! i lost all my sweet memory!!! *

anything went wrong on my bfday??? to b honest... yes!! i cried on the morning of my day!! why?? errmmmm... i wish i can share with u guys like other things but i just cant... this feeling is just hard to express... in anyway somehow... its was my day... i should b super EXCITED but then... my emotional side went wrong.... cried like a little kiddo... all i can say, this DECEMBER OF 2011 brought different  december to me... i faced different issues... all in the same period!! well, my gut went crazy.. thats why i cried.. i couldnt find my old me... aiyooo... this 19yrs old SOFEA RASHEEQA is now become a _ _ _ _ _ _!!! lucky i got my babes that can help me out thru my days.. thanks sygs!!!!

this is my last entry for 2011... hoped u guys had a blessed year of 2011... n will have a blast year of 2012... good days people... this is SOFEA RASHEEQA signing off for  2011.... n will signing in for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!see u guys next year okies!!!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

having our moment with beloved MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!

hi peepers!! after having super lunch at Marry Brown with my coolest buddies, the moment when i wrote my dizzy headed bout things that gv it knocks to me lately... n yes our lunch was hilarious!! went around 2.30 pm till 5 pm!!! thanks lar to Mai, Mieza n hero, Syuk!!! laugh all the time... like we own the Marry Brown!!! hahahaha.. *evil laugh*

after gv some space for my tummy,  like two hours break, my roomiest asked me to gv her
some company.. send over our friend, Fiqa to bus station.. once the "bye bye" moment ends, both of us heading to Marry Brown!!! again!!!!!!!!!!! in case u guys wondering.. yup.. we went to the same Marry Brown but with different outfit n different spot!!! thanks yaa Mahira.. the cashier continuously gv her smile.. i bet she does knew us lar!!! lets fill in the vacancy!! hahaha... we talked... downloading cool stuff while enjoying our fast food again!! n my other roomiest join us n asked whether we want some ice cream... hello Dayang!!! dont bother urself okies with that question.. n all Mahira n i said was.. MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor Dayang... hahaha.. next time dont ask!! just buy 4 us!!! n this is one of my video that shows how much we do appreciate ice cream... especially MAGNUM!! n for the very first time i do talk in Bahasa.. hoped u guys can understand my Bahasa y sgt b'terabur!!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

what happen to me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi peepers!! typing while listening ur fav song totally a cool feeling ever.. keeps ur nerve stay alert.. is it??? guess so.. okies dokie.. as u know, its been ages since my last update.. if im not mistaken.. busy?? yes.. perfectly match with my days now.. i do hv millions things to do now.. volleyball's tournament coming soon... just another 2 days left.. yup... really blow my mind away.. cant wait for all these come to the end!! this one totally took most of my time.. cz im not that typo which keep myself online all time!!

top of that, im now in the mood of dizzy!!! final exam will say hi to me just like any sec!! by the time we celebrate new year, i hv to struggle with the future!!! typical me.. always study at the most last minute.. never do this in ur life yaa!!! unless u r the top one.. which i bet u r...

like i used to share with u guys before.. bout my unpredictable relationship with Mr. Physic.. oh my!!!  i do try my very own best to FALL IN LOVE AGAIN with it... still, its not going anywhere but only in here... stuck at the old place.. okay.. u guys might wondering " dont u ever gv any shot??" my answer probably " yes!! i do!!! indeed, i gv my all!!" i hv my best tutor.. particularly a very good one..but i guess physic is not flowing in my nerve like Bio's do..  if u do hv any quick n fast to learn physic, please do let me know okay!!! really need ur help now!!! IM DYING OVER PHYSIC NOW!!!! save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

till next time, c ya!!!!
keys off!