Monday, 11 July 2011

..dunia PLKN < part twO >

hi readers!!
as i promised before this is the second part of my National Service's chap.. just like anyone else who refused to attend PLKN i felt completely lost at first.. people are gloomy everywhere.. cry?? yes.. that is what i did.. in the bus.. in the dorm.. u name it.. i text my mom to get me home.. but u know what... she keeps on ignoring me.. first week was totally like being in hell.. INDEED!!!! yet everything comes together once i got to know my friends.. i LOVE them.. no matter whenever they come from.. Kedah.. Perak.. Penang.. o even in Kelantan.. i MISSED every second i had with them.. they helped me a lot during my hard time.. top of the all, i have met my wonderful BUNCH!! LYNDA.PIKA,LINDA Z,YANA N SITI are closed Malay friends to me.. still got many but this girls are most dear to me.. my world would never be complete if dont have Chinese friends right?? yes.. my fav are Vincent ( i still love u dude!! hoped that u still can take a good care of my handkerchief that i gave to it as u love me k), Ah Hong ( always try to mess with me but i know he just playing around.. hehehe.. miss u lorh ), Jessica ( my English speaking friend, who teach me how to dance Sorry Sorry n played guitar for me.. miss that moment) Yuka n Jenny ( my innocent babes).. as well it goes to Indian friends.. Kanni ( who apparently can speaks Malay better than Malay does!) Jaysri ( most beautiful Indian girl i ever met!) Siva ( head of dorm, also my English speaking friend ) Kumar ( quite good to look as man.. a very good shape.. hahaha.. whenever we saw each other the first thing we said was "hi.. wash ur hand before eat n say ur pray" still hv that in my mind )... enough for today.. for the last chap of DUNIA PLKN i will upload my lovely memories there.. wish all the readers can feel what i felt during my time there.. see ya!!

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