Monday, 25 July 2011

..adat tertib..

hi peeper!! nice to share something again.. okay.. just now i dropped by at my friend's blog.. she talked about such a young kid who apparently can b a rough judge! okay it start when a kid asked a 19 yrs old teen about the her level of edu.. n to b honest she explained to the kid that she isnt in any institution.. YET!! but the very RUDE kid just walk away towards her mom n gv a BAD LOOK to innocent teen.. to me.. yes.. it is rude.. practically the kid should learn more about MANNER.. u shouldnt act that way lorh.. if u keep it that way.. u r goin to b BOOOO by people.. seriously.. in this kind of prob,  attention PARENTS!!! b aware of ur children behavior.. stop them from being such uneducated person!
okay.. that about stop being uneducated.. ni plak sal org y xtau nk b'terima kasih.. HELLO!! mcm lar kuor duit lau ckap THANKS.. lam case neyh.. bdak2.. org tua.. teens.. smua sm.. okay.. CONGRATS wat mereka y btol2 mengamalkan.. korang mmg deserve as org y akn disukai by people.. TABIK!! tp.. the rest.. xtau lar den.. bdak2 zaman skang ble kte tlg depa.. bukan nk habaq TRIMAS YER KAK.. tp bg jelingan plak dh.. huh.. nsb bek still ley sabar.. lau x.. mmg nk kn luku.. kisah org tua pon hmpir2 sm.. ble d'tlg.. alahai.. d'langgar plak kte.. tua2 pon.. ego 2 MAINTAIN.. teens plak.. pham2 lar.. de y d'SOUND blik ble d'beri p'tlgn.. tenang jep lorh aty.. nk x nk.. e2 lar y realiti.. da xdak human y btol2 kisah sal adat neyh.. nta lar.. sikap manusia mgkn..
thanks cz drop by yer!! jmp lg.. t.c.. hv a great day!!