Wednesday, 16 May 2012

hectic of me

salam/ hi..
how to knock up my head when im totally blur with new look of blogger??? its like im being fooled by this new awesome-freak-style.. yup! indeed! how much i missed blogging... how much i missed my moment , sharing some thought with people, to share things that amused me..
that word of busy really make me wanna puke! assignments that needs my attention.. tutorials that need to be done.. presentation that keep on hunting me! well to go STUDY!!!!! stole my beauty sleep.. my date with foods.. you named it! my world totally being upside down.. just because of you lah STUDY!! so pandai curik my days!!!
talk about this sweet-stoler of time, im goin to face my final exam on this coming of JUNE!!! n yet i do laze around!! same attitude.. same o.. same o... its not like i did it on purpose okay.. instead im totally having such a major-big-huge things to do... hewhewhew....=)
starting on 17th im goin to explore the whole JELI... wuuuhhhuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! goin to Gunung Reng+ Kg Kalai+Lata Janggut+Jeli's Hot-spring... on 18th, heading to Ipoh for Departmant of Mineral & Geoscience 's Museum and Archeology's Museum at Lenggong.. both take place in Perak... on our last day, on 19th im goin to Bukit Keluang, Besut Terengganu.. such a hectic plan to go thru.. is it im goin all of these place for fun??? nope!! its part of fulfilling my course's need... to be expose by truly nature!! till next time fellas! see ya!