Monday, 21 July 2014



Salam Ramadhan everyone! quite late but the thought is there kan! and just in case Selamat Hari Raya too! So how does this Ramadhan treats you guys?? as we are approaching Hari Raya soon, am sure all preparation going great! :)

So, along with the Story of My Life on the radio kinda reminds me how much i missed to write something.. of being able to throw up all those unspeakable thoughts.. 22years old person has that serious issues ongoing.. creepy as it depressing.. lots of thing coming right now and seems i've been chased by some kind of undefined feelings.. 

duhh, i do sound like maniac! as im in the middle of finishing my Final Year Project, sometimes i do feel like," yeahhh, the chance of proving something" but to be honest, most of it really makes me dull.. enough said bout that, actually i got some untold feeling that i, myself couldn't t find the exact words to express em.. confused yet struggling to get out..


  i read a book.. in the middle of night.. it wrote about something related to SARKASTIKCINTA.. can you tell how much pain i regain after finishing the book??? A LOT! SERIOUSLY A LOT.. i read a piece for a day.. it is not like i keep on delaying on purpose.. but.. after a page, it really does punch my heart.. real hard.. the bitter of the truth.. a good job i must say.. every page gives you different lessons.. still, perit lahh woihhhh.. baca aje sentap lepas tuh taknak baca then sambung baca bila tenang and last2 rasa macam haram sebab kena direct atas muka.. that feeling.. super exhausted.. if you have the similar mixed feeling like i do, then this is your book! later on tell me, how do you feel!!!

3RD STORY,the last story..
my deepest condolence goes to families that lost their loves one on MH17.. i might not feel the exact feeling as theirs, but i do feel the pain.. May Allah granted His blessing towards every souls.. ALFATIHAH