Friday, 18 November 2011

missing Y.O.U!!!!

missing someone today... i know u were there.. 4 real.. come closer... i need u... really.. only u can bring me up.. just wanna live thru ur breath... cant wait 4 the day....
ohhh MR.BOSS.. HURRY.. HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keys off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cupid's love that people ANNOYED!!!

having some kinda dark period is the worst feeling ever.. where the all day long isnt perfectly match o suits enough with the emotion.. it is the most hardest thing to admit but thats the real thing which exactly happen to me!! now!!!
seriously.. i just cant help myself to b more annoyed towards some of FREAKIN PEOPLE  who just pretend to b madly in love.. its totally like "Hey!! where is the one who u try to fool with???!!!" i just dont get it.. LITERALLY, DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look, lets put it in this situation.. in ur mind,u tend to b everyone's sweetheart.. but the truth goes opposite!! think that people who always bribe u with all the RANDOM SWEET THING when people actually DO FEEL KIND OF ANNOYED WITH U!! wake up dear!!! this is not a fairy tale's world.. this is reality... pretend to b sweet kiddo wasnt ur thing.. its supposed fly away once u grow up..
well,thats me now... HELLO WORLD!!! i cant b more interested with UR SWEET TEEN'S LOVE but seriously U HV TO GV ME A BREAK!!! please... kindly gv me my own private space for breathing.. cause i really cant stand with all the thingy.. makes me sick of it.. it just... LET IT B NATURAL... LOVE IS SOMETHING THAT I REALLY KNOW, IT IS INTIMATE.. ONLY BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE...FULLSTOPS!!!

Friday, 11 November 2011

bUncH of BB's

unbelievable!! my 2nd entry in a single day!! credit to Miss Mai.. she's the one who, yeah... make me wanna do one special entry for these amazing babes.. as i manage myself into busy world of study, i cant do it all alone.. i need super cool friends with super hot attitude comes together with super woe friendship relation.. lucky me cz whenever i go, i can find someone whom we can call friend.. some of my best peers also said that
I AM A FRIEND FINDER... wait a sec! is that a complement o what???? okay, boo with that.. doesnt bother me at all..yikessssssss!!!!!!!!!!
okay, at first place, all i can say was never get into my mind that im gonna make some kind of a good friendship bonding with these guys.. why is so??? its all started with SBG's Eid celebration.. thats 4 sure... back in time, i was some type of weirdo kiddo with confused smile.. keep on smiling to others, saying Hi n all those things thats make people wanna say " Ouchhh.. this girl totally freak me out!! who the hell she is?? keep her away from me!!" AM I THATS CREEPY??? no lar.. im really nice girl.. like girl-next-door one.. ( hell no!!keep on giving some xtra credit to myself!! again!!!)

the first hot babe that i knew.. n better yet shes the one who start it on the first place... with her warm welcome of friendship, yes I AM TOTALLY BEING BLESSED!!! by referring to famous word among us today "UNTUNG LAAA DPAT KAWAN Y BAIK" which i can conclude suits enough with our situation...
lets give a warm scroll right to super babe,Maisarah!!!!!!!!! ( drum roll plzz!!!!!!!!)

meets mai!! how sweet she is..most of my time, i do spend with her!
this one, oh yeah!! really know when to smile larh... very good of smiling model!! ( i do think she should make a commercial break about how to smile!!) introducing Miza!! the hottest smile do belong to her!! this girl totally beat me up when comes to smile.. better yet, i do need more xtra practicing on smile if i wanna bring her down!!!  okay MIZA,kindly feel scare of me from now on... i gv u red alert now!! dont believe on what im saying??? as u see the pic me n her, then u know how exactly im telling the truth!!!
here it goes!! QUEEN OF SMILE!!!! heartbeat rose up!!!

talk about this girl.. wowww... she is the most HILARIOUS among others!! thats the truth okay!! love to laugh , talkative, cant b shut down
( anything should turn her to move around!), always a sleepy head( oh gosh! she DEFINITELY FALL IN LOVE IN BIO's CLASS, thats the time 4 sleep!!) n her most eager thing to do is EAT!!! .. as u can name all
the crazy things, n yes she conquers all of it!!! Sarah 0 jz Sara, thats name belongs to her.. 1 thing 4 sure about this one, she loves taking pictures!! n pretty good on what her do!!

sarara tara!! quite superb nickname tho
the only HERO!!! drum roll plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! meets Putra Syuk... the king of stylish n most top of all KING OF BIO!! ( damn!! need to get the secret from him to get EXCELLENT in bio!!!) being the only guy in our BB's wasnt a biggie 4 him ( hoped so!! do u mind at all,uncle???) some people might mind n asking hows on Earth it happens??? well, as simple as u buy ice cream.. hv a penny, go to a store then buy it! simple right?? same thing goes to what u guys wondering.. but as far i can say, girls can mix up with dude.. dude also can do the same thing..  as long as we know where the limit is... back about this hero, yes.. he looks like a bro to me.
weird to say this.. *blushing!!!*. but thats exactly what i felt about u!! so lucky mehhh.... he is the 2nd dude whom i can address that kinda way...

the hero!! putra syuk

  WE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!! so damn sweet right?? hoped our friendship bonding will lasts..Amin..

things that BESTFRIENDS do together

wowww... what a woe feeling.. its totally been awhile since my last knocking on my love's lappy.. kinda feel like im already outdated from blog walking n all those stuff.. I NEED TO EXPLORE MORE BLOG!!! yeahhh... thats exactly whats on my mind now (if i do hv any xtra time! hoped so!)
last Tuesday i had a chance to give some of my time to all my babies.. so drama queen.. is it??? my babies stand 4 all my close babes.. its been ages since our last date.. if im not mistaken, it happened on Sept.. can u imagine whats on Earth that we r missing??? so so sooo much things to share with.. thanks our HOTTEST BABE for the riding... thanks a lot yaaa!!! a good driver one.. thats absolutely from bottom of my heart!!
enough with all the talk, lets the pictures do the talk.. scroll down, n hoped u guys enjoy!!

hot is it??? hot dude, ameer
on my left is sakinah.. also hot stuff..
remember girl on my right??? yup,qiss

ameer, qiss & me!
hot babes are together now!!
oh my! who daughter is this??? hahak
me ( almost looks like a ninja!)  with sakinah
sakinah looks like topmodel,right?? yeahh.. she knows how to pose!  
newly me!!!
at the end, yess its all about me!! creepy is it?? 
u see, i got many pictures to share with.. but yet i think i dont want any of u guys feel like "yeahh, i bored now!! gv me something else to see!!" hahahaha.. well, i better make a move now.. c u guys later!!

keys off!