Saturday, 3 March 2012

1st week at Jeli

salam n hi people..
im in good mood now.. so, i would like to share on how my first week on 2nd semester went at my new campus, UMK JELI..

for those who wondering where is exactly on Earth the Jeli is.. please Google it.. the place in between Tanah Merah, Kelantan and Grik, Perak... the place where all the lovers of nature will die to live in here.. i mean.. really!!! Jeli is the place wher u can calm ur damn heart.. amazed is it??? okay.. have to admit.. got tons of thing to do to bring this new campus up till new level... yes.. we do hv some lack.. but hey.. gv us some space to catch the air.. this place is a new one.. under construction to be precise.. but then.. the people in here got pain in ass to make sure all of these things were in good shape..

my very first day at campus, i got Fundamental of Math early in the morning!! by the way.. it is 2 hrs of lecture, okay!!! can u imagine?? then i had Earth Process's lecture for another 2hrs.. oh yes... this new sem, as Geoscience's student, i learn the introduction to all subjects of Geoscience's subjects.. Earth Process... Earth Material... u named it... feelin' good about this sem.. yeay!!

see ya!!!!!!!!!!!