Friday, 6 December 2013

Talk on random kindness


greeting from the east cost of peninsular of Malaysia! how is it going fellas?? with this type of weather, all i wanted, a really warm kopi o with ubi kayu rebus cicah nyoq! ohmaiii.. thats haven! 

i havent wrote in ages, phewwww.. quite rusty ehhh.. so, i am home for the weekend and thinking of writing something.. so this is how it goes..

i was in kl, for the past few weeks.. am not remembered about the exact date but hey, who cares! hahaha.. over-dated, that a sure thing.. 

the story begins with this, that time i was in KL Sentral, waiting for my train to Shah Alam.. while standing,i was surrounded by strangers.. male stranger to be exact.. uncomfortable, indeed.. then a nice incident happened.. he helped a makcik lifted her things.. so i was like, damn, i do nothing but thinking a bad things about this guy.. a total shame tho.. to be honest, the idiom of "dont judge the book by its cover" really knock my head.. he is a stranger to that makcik, and all he did was, helping a person.. and he is a Malay and that makcik is an Indian.. a really pleasant time.. despite those people who do nothing but watching, this could be a lesson.. i learn it! big time!

second incident of the day, happened when i reached Stesen Ktm Batu 3.. at that time,my sister supposed to pick me up once i get there, so yeay, typical traffic's thingy, she's late.. and out of nowhere, there is a Chinese boy smiling at me.. i smiled back at him.. then he's running fast to the candy's store.. when i sat on the chair, pulling a book to read, all in sudden that boy came to me.. and gave me a lollipop and said "this is for you".. it is a pleasant surprised.. once i thank him, he went away..

these two incidents, really teach a lesson.. on how stranger can do a good thing to another stranger.. it wasnt hard to do.. despite being an individualistic, why dont us, be a nice person towards another.. hey, give a smile wont cost you a penny.. so, start a new day people!! wake up and try to live within the community.. dont be alone! this world is too big for us.. do some random at kindness!! who knows, the day get better when you smile to other!!

adiossss :)


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

So, WHATS UP 2013?!?!?!

salam/ hello fellas!!
so, i looked up my previous post and it strikes straight into heart.. douche, its on Dec 21st and yes in year 2012.. how out-dated am i.. and now, it is already in half way of 2013 people.. double douche!!
i got plenty to write about life, love etc.. somehow it got stuck in middle of nowhere.. 

 i guess thanks to Zafinas Azahani or reach her by click this link.. why is it so, well when we were WhatsApp-ing, she told me to update my blog and let her know by then.. and i was like, dude, i got fan here! ( British ascent please) .. so yeahh.. this is where my Wednesday's night end up to.. 

whats new in 2013??

 i am 21 going-to-be by this end of  2013, HOORAAYYYY?????? doubt that!! see, i never treat myself as growing old.. referring my bio's on Twitter and i will never blame the external factors either.. its just, number, is not a right tool for defining who you are.. sometimes, teen people can be so much mature compare to adult people.. its based on your intellectual-critical thinking..cant believe i jot it down, but seriously i need to. so, LETS GROW UP AND NO GROWING OLD!

proudly saying that, IM FINISHED MY FOURTH SEMESTER AS GEOSCIENCE STUDENT!! another 4 sems to go.. all i can say, Alhamdulillah.. last time i wrote about the fear in becoming the student, never hit my head how much im gonna love it.. and now, simply said I LOVED MY COURSE, EVERY DETAILS OF IT..hahaha.. too much love huh.. indeed! never know the love unless you be in it... this 4th sem quite a work, starting from beginning and the pain, damn harsh! pfffttt.. the subjects, the field works, the assignments, the quizzes.. right at the beginning till the end of it!  have to admit, this sem performance such a dull.. dont asks.. better dont! still, I ENJOYED EVERY SEC OF IT =)
 oh my, HOT TOPIC! gotta say this,  I MANAGED TO FIND MY TRUE FRIENDS, MY BACKSTABBER FRIENDS, MY FAKER FRIENDS, MY BADMOUTHING-ABOUT-ME FRIENDS!! all of it!!!  seriously, never come across into the head i would sharing this,  but hey, those pain in ass should be aside! got this girl, namely GIRL,  i treated her as one of good friend, long-short-story, i gave her something, end up with listening to her badmouthing about me right across the door.. if you guys were in my shoes, cant you just figure it out how do i feel at the moment??? so DOOMED! despite of offering her friendship, well she gave me, friendshit.. at that point, i got my lesson.. aint single thing good about this girl.. pfffftttt
currently im not dating anyone.. some of my friends already tied the knot, well, i need a guy for that purpose.. so i managed to find, NONE.. yes, im not that kinda lucky like I-LOVE-YOU-BOY FIE-THAT-TYPE-OF-GIRL, literally not that lucky.. its okay, i guess the time will come once the moment is right.. still, LOVE IS EVERYWHERE LAHHHH =)
 i cant barely updating the blog like always, so if you want to find me, feel like talking to me, reach me by my Twitter, i will be there like all time.. or just go to my Tumblr, the site where i share my another point of view of life!
these two sites where you guys easily connect with me =)
till then, signing in for 2013