Wednesday, 8 February 2012

blessed things that happened!!!

assalamualaikum n hi people!!

oh my.. u know.. my blog totally in bad shape since my last update.. yup.. totally.. im already outdated!!! as always, i do wish that can i can make some blogwalking.. at least few times for couple of days.. bring us all together... keep us closer!! ahaks =) *my sort of wish that really really cant rely on!!!*

why im writing this entry??? its all because i just wrote an entry for this year!! it was shamed tho u'll !! *nonsense+gedixx talking*  wanna know what happened to me in this first two months of 2012?? lets scroll that down people!! *try to act like cool-irritating-people=bajet gla*

like i told ya on my last entry.. facing ur final w/o a good preparation can bring u down!! ishk ishk ishk... indeed!! sob3... lets highlight to this one.. DONT MAKE A LAST STUDY ATTITUDE PEOPLE!!! please sit back n try to get this pic...  how bad do u think when u sit on a chair hoping that ur lecturer gave some sort of medium of hardness' s test but it turns the whole high degree of hardness??

my first sem went so damn blast!!! loved to meet with superb peers n superb blessed awesome lecturers!! couldnt ask for more!!! they all amazed me!!! indeed!!! u know every single thing that great to u come
together with pain in ass.. why is it so.. as u say, its all because the LAST DAY!! the word that successfully  killed me!!!! my last day at campus went awful as me hiding up my tears over a goodbye's stuff... i had to say goodbye to my dear-awesome-sweet-friend, dayang!! oh my... it was hard.. damn hard.. pretending that u cool enough but shaking like crazy when the goodbye-moment came... she's the one who i can barely refer

whenever i got messy in my head... sob3.. *imissyousomuchfriend*

lucky my January wasnt bad at all.. on 25th of January 2012, a newborn nephew was welcomed to this great world!!! *ALHAMDULILLAH.. PRAISE TO ALMIGHTY.. THE ONE... ANOTHER NEW SERVANT OF ALLAH.. ANOTHER NEW FOLLOWER OF LOVED PROPHET.. A NEW LEADER... INSYAALLAH, MUSLIMS ARE GETTING STRONGER*  named muhammad danial hakimi n. mohd azreen... son of my eldest bro... im glad of becoming the chooser of the names.. hihihi...i fall in love with name of hakimi.. went straight to my heart!!!  lets hv a look at these pics.. sorry... i do hv a few of him...  i cant take more cz baby keep on growing up!!!!! lets scroll down, shall we???

hakimi people!!

is he sweet baby or what!!!!!

muhammad danial hakimi, day 1