Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lets Jom Mari for MAIK =)

assalamualaikum n blast hi people..
 this entry is not about selling products nor giving free advise.. this entry about on how you can spent a good quality time with family n friends =)

as a full-time student like me, who been filled with assignments, tests, presentations even quizzes, barely hard for us to breath out.. so, take a day from your blast holidays by joining MAIK's carnival..

exactly whats MAIK's offered?? firstly, MAIK stands for Majlis Adat Istiadat Kelantan.. the Kelantan's Royal Institution.. you see, as a citizen of Malaysia, we are barely hard to get in into the royal's castle.. exceptional for the royal family, ministers, n people who work with the institution.. so, this time, this year, the Kelantan's Royal make a huge step.. by allowing the citizens to enter the State's Castle!!! hoorrayyyy!!! Now, we can see how magnificent the castle's view!!!

this carnival started in November n ended in early of December.. im not sure bout the exact date.. you can refer to Mr.Google.. located at Bandar Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.. this castle only took like 15mins from Kota Bharu.. its just side of road.. i bet all Kelantanise knew the castle right?? this carnival, shared the islamic history as well as the Kelantan's Royal Family background.. from the castle's yard, there is a huge booth, providing many good items..as well the backside of castle, there are also 3 row of booths that selling foods from local, shirts, books n you named it..

what i loved the most?? the time that i get myself INTO the castle!!! im so impressed with the all the designs, the chandeliers, the paintings on the wall.. n even the colour inside the castle.. such a mind blowing!! being inside the castle make me felt like im the PRINCESS!! its just TOO AMAZING!!!also there is Islamic's exhibition.. what really goes straight to my heart by the time i get myself into Rasulullah s.a.w replica's house..its feel like, i can feel the Prophet.. subhanallah.. i couldnt say more, enjoy the pics.. please scroll down=)

Umi, Pn.Liza


The Enterence

The Castle from road's side

Sidewalk's view

yeay!! See the castle people!!
at the sidewalk
Can you see my name, my sign!!! haha i left some note for 'em
the exit! see how sempoi people can be! just sit! =)
im the Missy Rana!! Let me in!!!
a huge board welcoming you guys!!!
castle's view
castle's main enterence
need hepl?? do asks this man!!