Monday, 21 July 2014



Salam Ramadhan everyone! quite late but the thought is there kan! and just in case Selamat Hari Raya too! So how does this Ramadhan treats you guys?? as we are approaching Hari Raya soon, am sure all preparation going great! :)

So, along with the Story of My Life on the radio kinda reminds me how much i missed to write something.. of being able to throw up all those unspeakable thoughts.. 22years old person has that serious issues ongoing.. creepy as it depressing.. lots of thing coming right now and seems i've been chased by some kind of undefined feelings.. 

duhh, i do sound like maniac! as im in the middle of finishing my Final Year Project, sometimes i do feel like," yeahhh, the chance of proving something" but to be honest, most of it really makes me dull.. enough said bout that, actually i got some untold feeling that i, myself couldn't t find the exact words to express em.. confused yet struggling to get out..


  i read a book.. in the middle of night.. it wrote about something related to SARKASTIKCINTA.. can you tell how much pain i regain after finishing the book??? A LOT! SERIOUSLY A LOT.. i read a piece for a day.. it is not like i keep on delaying on purpose.. but.. after a page, it really does punch my heart.. real hard.. the bitter of the truth.. a good job i must say.. every page gives you different lessons.. still, perit lahh woihhhh.. baca aje sentap lepas tuh taknak baca then sambung baca bila tenang and last2 rasa macam haram sebab kena direct atas muka.. that feeling.. super exhausted.. if you have the similar mixed feeling like i do, then this is your book! later on tell me, how do you feel!!!

3RD STORY,the last story..
my deepest condolence goes to families that lost their loves one on MH17.. i might not feel the exact feeling as theirs, but i do feel the pain.. May Allah granted His blessing towards every souls.. ALFATIHAH

Friday, 6 December 2013

Talk on random kindness


greeting from the east cost of peninsular of Malaysia! how is it going fellas?? with this type of weather, all i wanted, a really warm kopi o with ubi kayu rebus cicah nyoq! ohmaiii.. thats haven! 

i havent wrote in ages, phewwww.. quite rusty ehhh.. so, i am home for the weekend and thinking of writing something.. so this is how it goes..

i was in kl, for the past few weeks.. am not remembered about the exact date but hey, who cares! hahaha.. over-dated, that a sure thing.. 

the story begins with this, that time i was in KL Sentral, waiting for my train to Shah Alam.. while standing,i was surrounded by strangers.. male stranger to be exact.. uncomfortable, indeed.. then a nice incident happened.. he helped a makcik lifted her things.. so i was like, damn, i do nothing but thinking a bad things about this guy.. a total shame tho.. to be honest, the idiom of "dont judge the book by its cover" really knock my head.. he is a stranger to that makcik, and all he did was, helping a person.. and he is a Malay and that makcik is an Indian.. a really pleasant time.. despite those people who do nothing but watching, this could be a lesson.. i learn it! big time!

second incident of the day, happened when i reached Stesen Ktm Batu 3.. at that time,my sister supposed to pick me up once i get there, so yeay, typical traffic's thingy, she's late.. and out of nowhere, there is a Chinese boy smiling at me.. i smiled back at him.. then he's running fast to the candy's store.. when i sat on the chair, pulling a book to read, all in sudden that boy came to me.. and gave me a lollipop and said "this is for you".. it is a pleasant surprised.. once i thank him, he went away..

these two incidents, really teach a lesson.. on how stranger can do a good thing to another stranger.. it wasnt hard to do.. despite being an individualistic, why dont us, be a nice person towards another.. hey, give a smile wont cost you a penny.. so, start a new day people!! wake up and try to live within the community.. dont be alone! this world is too big for us.. do some random at kindness!! who knows, the day get better when you smile to other!!

adiossss :)


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

So, WHATS UP 2013?!?!?!

salam/ hello fellas!!
so, i looked up my previous post and it strikes straight into heart.. douche, its on Dec 21st and yes in year 2012.. how out-dated am i.. and now, it is already in half way of 2013 people.. double douche!!
i got plenty to write about life, love etc.. somehow it got stuck in middle of nowhere.. 

 i guess thanks to Zafinas Azahani or reach her by click this link.. why is it so, well when we were WhatsApp-ing, she told me to update my blog and let her know by then.. and i was like, dude, i got fan here! ( British ascent please) .. so yeahh.. this is where my Wednesday's night end up to.. 

whats new in 2013??

 i am 21 going-to-be by this end of  2013, HOORAAYYYY?????? doubt that!! see, i never treat myself as growing old.. referring my bio's on Twitter and i will never blame the external factors either.. its just, number, is not a right tool for defining who you are.. sometimes, teen people can be so much mature compare to adult people.. its based on your intellectual-critical thinking..cant believe i jot it down, but seriously i need to. so, LETS GROW UP AND NO GROWING OLD!

proudly saying that, IM FINISHED MY FOURTH SEMESTER AS GEOSCIENCE STUDENT!! another 4 sems to go.. all i can say, Alhamdulillah.. last time i wrote about the fear in becoming the student, never hit my head how much im gonna love it.. and now, simply said I LOVED MY COURSE, EVERY DETAILS OF IT..hahaha.. too much love huh.. indeed! never know the love unless you be in it... this 4th sem quite a work, starting from beginning and the pain, damn harsh! pfffttt.. the subjects, the field works, the assignments, the quizzes.. right at the beginning till the end of it!  have to admit, this sem performance such a dull.. dont asks.. better dont! still, I ENJOYED EVERY SEC OF IT =)
 oh my, HOT TOPIC! gotta say this,  I MANAGED TO FIND MY TRUE FRIENDS, MY BACKSTABBER FRIENDS, MY FAKER FRIENDS, MY BADMOUTHING-ABOUT-ME FRIENDS!! all of it!!!  seriously, never come across into the head i would sharing this,  but hey, those pain in ass should be aside! got this girl, namely GIRL,  i treated her as one of good friend, long-short-story, i gave her something, end up with listening to her badmouthing about me right across the door.. if you guys were in my shoes, cant you just figure it out how do i feel at the moment??? so DOOMED! despite of offering her friendship, well she gave me, friendshit.. at that point, i got my lesson.. aint single thing good about this girl.. pfffftttt
currently im not dating anyone.. some of my friends already tied the knot, well, i need a guy for that purpose.. so i managed to find, NONE.. yes, im not that kinda lucky like I-LOVE-YOU-BOY FIE-THAT-TYPE-OF-GIRL, literally not that lucky.. its okay, i guess the time will come once the moment is right.. still, LOVE IS EVERYWHERE LAHHHH =)
 i cant barely updating the blog like always, so if you want to find me, feel like talking to me, reach me by my Twitter, i will be there like all time.. or just go to my Tumblr, the site where i share my another point of view of life!
these two sites where you guys easily connect with me =)
till then, signing in for 2013

Friday, 21 December 2012

Story About "Cucuq Keria"

salam/ hi peeps!

been awhile that im suddenly disappearing from blogging.. is not that i dont have thought to share full-loaded with thought to be exact.. im just finished with all the field trips.. and the last one will be on next Thurs.. such a hectic months!! right before the final.. typical SBG.. we are always busy right after midsem's break started.. 

it was my birthday which was on 15th Dec..the last day of field trip in Terengganu.. well, thanks to all classmates/course-mates and also the the lecturer for singing birthday song to me!! it was so simple but full of energy! thanks again guys!! =)... so, as self-rewarded i managed to find a cool fossil for my self near Aring, Kelantan..actually that' what Paleontology's field trip all about.. finding fossil!! 

but hey, this entry should be about "cucuq keria"!! you see, this sem my roomates were my coursemates.. both of them are from "utaqa".. so practically my father also from "utaqa", means i can get myself to FIT in.. is not so easy, because im half Kelantanesse and half Penang.. basically i mixed up everything.. like everything!!

 but today's lesson about being "utaqa" is making the "cucuq keria"!!! okay, called me noob or whatever names are.. but yes! i didn't know about that "kuih" before.. when i was in Tanjung Tokong, Penang or Taiping, Perak even in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, i looked up for normal "kuih" that i regularly takes.. im barely didnt know about that special "cucuq keria"! when i said, nope! i dont know that "kuih", definitely i dont know how to make it! thanks Eva n Farah, taught me how to make "cucuq keria".. all the process makes me such a loser!! barely DONT KNOW SINGLE THING!!!!!!!  i wished i could learn how make traditional "kuih" so that, my in-laws, future hubby, future kids will be proud of me =)

one of them said that" kesian kat ang, muka macam jakun/ciwi/whatever-you-called-it".. all i can do was, smiled..  i wanted to learn as i never had the chance like they have.. having grandparents whom can teach them about traditional  things.. my grandma, she's more like a person who less care about being traditional.. hahaha.. cool granny, is it??? i helped them by frying those "kuih"... first tryout was "hangit".. like, damn/crap! its getting better after i get myself along with the fire-controlling.. i forgot to take pictures.. but i Google the "cucuq keria's pic for you guys.. 


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lets Jom Mari for MAIK =)

assalamualaikum n blast hi people..
 this entry is not about selling products nor giving free advise.. this entry about on how you can spent a good quality time with family n friends =)

as a full-time student like me, who been filled with assignments, tests, presentations even quizzes, barely hard for us to breath out.. so, take a day from your blast holidays by joining MAIK's carnival..

exactly whats MAIK's offered?? firstly, MAIK stands for Majlis Adat Istiadat Kelantan.. the Kelantan's Royal Institution.. you see, as a citizen of Malaysia, we are barely hard to get in into the royal's castle.. exceptional for the royal family, ministers, n people who work with the institution.. so, this time, this year, the Kelantan's Royal make a huge step.. by allowing the citizens to enter the State's Castle!!! hoorrayyyy!!! Now, we can see how magnificent the castle's view!!!

this carnival started in November n ended in early of December.. im not sure bout the exact date.. you can refer to Mr.Google.. located at Bandar Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.. this castle only took like 15mins from Kota Bharu.. its just side of road.. i bet all Kelantanise knew the castle right?? this carnival, shared the islamic history as well as the Kelantan's Royal Family background.. from the castle's yard, there is a huge booth, providing many good well the backside of castle, there are also 3 row of booths that selling foods from local, shirts, books n you named it..

what i loved the most?? the time that i get myself INTO the castle!!! im so impressed with the all the designs, the chandeliers, the paintings on the wall.. n even the colour inside the castle.. such a mind blowing!! being inside the castle make me felt like im the PRINCESS!! its just TOO AMAZING!!!also there is Islamic's exhibition.. what really goes straight to my heart by the time i get myself into Rasulullah s.a.w replica's house..its feel like, i can feel the Prophet.. subhanallah.. i couldnt say more, enjoy the pics.. please scroll down=)

Umi, Pn.Liza


The Enterence

The Castle from road's side

Sidewalk's view

yeay!! See the castle people!!
at the sidewalk
Can you see my name, my sign!!! haha i left some note for 'em
the exit! see how sempoi people can be! just sit! =)
im the Missy Rana!! Let me in!!!
a huge board welcoming you guys!!!
castle's view
castle's main enterence
need hepl?? do asks this man!!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

To Be Cruel Yet To Be Kind

things happen for reasons.. i've been told over and over again about the phrase... these few days, my limit had been touched... and I've been wondering, is it going to reach to the top???? is it affect my life???? is it the payback??? is it the price for my wrongdoing???

yes.. put the blame on me.. for being naive in friendship.. thought life will be such an ease when having a good bonding with homo-sapiens..  but then.. its comes with the price.. no one should be so nice with others.. no one should be so opposite... you just.. no! MUST put yourself in between.. thats the exact meaning of "To Be Cruel Yet To Be Kind"..

like seriously.. im just too damn tired of trying to be neutral... it do killed me...  for the time sake, im just pretending to be cool.. try to act like nothing happened.. but somehow im just fooling myself out...  its like letting yourself to beat up...  such a moron.. i didnt fight for myself...  again... its showed the level of my stupidity...

when you  make others happy, you are hoping that they do have a blast.. without knowing you were hurting... thats my choice...i rather cry in silent than showing my tears... im bad when its comes to expressing the REAL FEELING... did anyone knows how to deal a business in my situation????  business of feeling?????

after a while, i regenerate my feeling, recharge my stand and hoping things will get better.. which i know it is really pull myself into a good deal..

this sem started with dirt... and i wished to end it up with joy! InsyaAllah, the great Almighty always stay by my side..

keys off!!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Pengisahan Tempo Raya 2012


 since the last post was composed such a long time ago, i saved some of thought in my head.. on how i faced my finals which was okay and turns up having a good result.. Alhamdulillah.. despite of frustrating not holding a dean list. * which what im dying for!* im having a pretty good time spending my raya.. how awesome it went???? im blast with this year! totally!! except for.. only the bujangs were at home on 1st day of raya... both married son n daughter raya with in-laws..  this raya also went double.. all because of the new kiddo in the house!! welcome aboard nephew, kimi!!! =D.. do scroll down and enjoy how Simple-Silly-Messy Missy Rana's raya!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear Pn Liza & En Fazil..=)

The Bujangs

umi & akie  

umi & my biggest bully bro! apik

umi & missy rana!

umi & the bongsu

akie & missy rana!

 and yes to bring my raya goes superb excited, i met my gadis2!!! 6 years of no catching up do kill us.. but hey.. we make it!!! up to no limit!!!! exception for balqis.. i met her every single time that i could!!! i had blast with my gadis2.. had talk from moon shows up n sun goes up!!! it was a hectic day! but lots of fun n love!!! meet them!!

mimi, balqis, teq, missy rana n nieja!!!