Sunday, 31 July 2011

ramadhan da mai!!

.i. c* .i.
* l.l _£_' l.l *
SeLAmAt mEnyAMbuT RaMAdHaN AL-MuBaRAk,sElamAt bErpuaSa...

Saturday, 30 July 2011


hi peeper! lm kot jari2 ni xketuk2 keyboard..okay.. e2 tipu.. ketuk gak,, tp ketuk2 ble kat PESBUK jaa.. lm rsnye xtulis entri br.. ary ni nk share2 ckit sal CINTA.. ye2.. agak jiwang.. lam entri kali ni sy akn gn ganti diri ak.. sbb.. weyh.. lau gn ganti diri nm sy lam bab2 ni.. rs cam.. MAK AII, SKEMA KO!

Monday, 25 July 2011

..adat tertib..

hi peeper!! nice to share something again.. okay.. just now i dropped by at my friend's blog.. she talked about such a young kid who apparently can b a rough judge! okay it start when a kid asked a 19 yrs old teen about the her level of edu.. n to b honest she explained to the kid that she isnt in any institution.. YET!! but the very RUDE kid just walk away towards her mom n gv a BAD LOOK to innocent teen.. to me.. yes.. it is rude.. practically the kid should learn more about MANNER.. u shouldnt act that way lorh.. if u keep it that way.. u r goin to b BOOOO by people.. seriously.. in this kind of prob,  attention PARENTS!!! b aware of ur children behavior.. stop them from being such uneducated person!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

freakin damn out!

hi peeper!!
on the last post before i shared everything that means so much to me.. family.. fellas.. but right now im sharing something huge.. something bigger.. something that relate to my future.. last Friday i have been chosen for entering University Malaysia Kelantan on Geo-science.. yes.. im glad.. it is one of my top ten choices..

 what is Geo-science?   
Earth science (also known as geoscience, the geosciences or the Earth sciences) is an all-embracing term for the sciences related to the planet Earth.[1] It is arguably a special case in planetary science, the Earth being the only known life-bearing planet. There are both reductionist and holistic approaches to Earth sciences. The formal discipline of Earth sciences may include the study of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, oceans and biosphere, as well as the solid earth. Typically Earth scientists will use tools from physics, chemistry, biology, chronology and mathematics to build a quantitative understanding of how the Earth system works, and how it evolved to its current state.

Careers in the Geo-science
    1. geoscientists are employed by industries related to oil and gas, mining and minerals and water resources.
    2. geological consultants or work with consulting firms
    3. work for the federal government or a state government agency
    4. Exploration and production - searching for and managing the extraction of natural resources such as fossil fuels, metals, construction materials and groundwater.
    5. Engineering and environmental - investigating and monitoring ground conditions associated with construction, planning, land use, reclamation of contaminated land, and waste disposal.
    6. Geological surveying - collecting surface and subsurface geological information, onshore and offshore, for geological, geophysical and geochemical maps and databases.
    7. Education and research - teaching and research in universities; teaching in schools and colleges; museum work.

Monday, 18 July 2011

people who make me alive

hi there..
the last post before i shared some of my good memories in National Service.. as i look down back in time im just damn lucky .. its all about having friends right?? thats it.. apart of having a best family quality, friends are also the same.. just imagine life with absolutely with no friends at all..absurd tho..speaking of having friends..there are lots of PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME ALIVE..its a great impressions right?? dont bother about that..because all my babes deserve this one.. lets check them out!
my babes since high school.. its already 6 yrs..hihihi

mtrxx penang babes... miss them very much

my roomies n our fav buddies!

most close classmates in mtrxx.. best babes ever tho!im

Sunday, 17 July 2011

.. dunia PLKN < PART 3 >..

hey fellas!!
cam lm jaa jari2 x tulis entry.. as i promised b4.. sy nk share some of memories sy ms dok PLKN.. xbyak.. tp cukup wat sy ingat smua kwn2 sy.. tgk lar noo..
e2 main gate kem.. quite blur..

Delta's girls

Delta's Boys

haa... ni smua fav babes sy.. syg pic pika xdak

agak senget yer cik2 smua.. ni lar Bai/ Jaysri..

u can b Malay girl tau.. ni Kanni

Lynda n Linda Z

sy n Linda Z

Sarjan n Co.Sarjan kompeni Delta

specky boy 2 Vincent.. y 2 plak Hong..

its false alarm!! t'tipu ngan ckgu.. sj2 suh pakai..ish3

ni flag kompeni sy..DELTA!!!!!

muka y trok

lam klas ngan ckgu Noni

jom3.. bina robot!!

preparation 2 Malam Patriotik

dat dude.. sk kacau tp da xingt da nm dy..maaf yer..hihihi

Monday, 11 July 2011

..dunia PLKN < part twO >

hi readers!!
as i promised before this is the second part of my National Service's chap.. just like anyone else who refused to attend PLKN i felt completely lost at first.. people are gloomy everywhere.. cry?? yes.. that is what i did.. in the bus.. in the dorm.. u name it.. i text my mom to get me home.. but u know what... she keeps on ignoring me.. first week was totally like being in hell.. INDEED!!!! yet everything comes together once i got to know my friends.. i LOVE them.. no matter whenever they come from.. Kedah.. Perak.. Penang.. o even in Kelantan.. i MISSED every second i had with them.. they helped me a lot during my hard time.. top of the all, i have met my wonderful BUNCH!! LYNDA.PIKA,LINDA Z,YANA N SITI are closed Malay friends to me.. still got many but this girls are most dear to me.. my world would never be complete if dont have Chinese friends right?? yes.. my fav are Vincent ( i still love u dude!! hoped that u still can take a good care of my handkerchief that i gave to it as u love me k), Ah Hong ( always try to mess with me but i know he just playing around.. hehehe.. miss u lorh ), Jessica ( my English speaking friend, who teach me how to dance Sorry Sorry n played guitar for me.. miss that moment) Yuka n Jenny ( my innocent babes).. as well it goes to Indian friends.. Kanni ( who apparently can speaks Malay better than Malay does!) Jaysri ( most beautiful Indian girl i ever met!) Siva ( head of dorm, also my English speaking friend ) Kumar ( quite good to look as man.. a very good shape.. hahaha.. whenever we saw each other the first thing we said was "hi.. wash ur hand before eat n say ur pray" still hv that in my mind )... enough for today.. for the last chap of DUNIA PLKN i will upload my lovely memories there.. wish all the readers can feel what i felt during my time there.. see ya!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

.. dunia PLKN < PART 1 >..

salam national service!! hehehe.. npe salam khidmat neg plak y d'beri?? sbb sy nk share something with u people.. yup.. story mori about me attended PLKN.. it was totally crap to me when know it at first place.. xingt ble.. around 2009.. right b4 SPM.. sggh, sy nanges ble dpat tau sy kn p.. xsngka.. mcm2 sy dgr dark side about PLKN ni.. jjur ckp,xdak dok dgaq good point pon.. smua dok habaq PLKN xbaguih.. sy ni lg lar.. risau xtentu hala.. abis jaa SPM,kwn2 suh sy chck kot2 da dpt tau siri mn,kem mn.. huh.. trimas ya kwn2!! sy hargai btol.. kump p'tama sy t'lpas.. huhuhu.. syok.. means i still hv another 3months break.. tp y xsyok kwn2 bgtau kump 2 o 3 lg trok.. gulp gulp.. im dead!! tanggal 27 Mac 2010,sy d'kehendaki melapor diri kat Kem Sri Kandi Kuala Muda Telok Nipah,Kedah.. mak aii.. jauh.. tmpat tsunami plak 2.. mmg masak!! sy mula cr alasan xnk p.. konon2 nk ambk surat doc lar.. mcam2 ragam.. tp umi sy bgtau sy something y skaligus wat pkran sy asked me to GET REAL!! dy ckap "dl bley jaa jg diri time ikot p Jamboree.. bukan dekat.. kat Songkhla Thailand.. bukan kjap,dekat 2mnggu".. btol gak.. dok kat sn lg trok.. tdo lam tent 4 almost 2weeks.. xtvt kat sn lg gla.. dat time i realized i must gv PLKN a try.. ary sbtu 27/3/2010 tepat jam 9.30 pg,bus y sy nek mula gerak ke destinasi(still ingt smpai skang).. what happened to me as i arrived there?? u guys wait 4 DUNIA PLKN PART 2.. see ya!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

..inai kat jari..

salam... as usual I've something to share today... ary ni akak ipar sy on dy puya FB... sy ngan muka sememeh plus penat dok kat dapur tros jaa ngendeng nx to her... alasan. sj2 nk kongsi bau wangi dr dapur... hihihi... ok... buruk prangai... alkisahnyer ble dok syok ushar FB 2, akak sy kat JB update dy puya status ngan smua huruf bsaq"SMLAM MIMPI AKIE N SOFEA KAHWIN SERENTAK... AKIE PKAI KBYA,SOFEA PKAI GOWN..." mak aiii... bior benor kak su ni... buang tabiat ka??? ngan.. prasaan nk tau lbey detail sy tros tya "HOWS UR BRO-IN-LAW-TO-BE???" n da answer was "OK,PUTIH CKIT,PKAI SPEC"... aaa??? seyez??? xkan kot... nk d'jdkan cite, sy penah b'kongsi rahsia with my close friend sal my future hubby... klau dikurniakan rezeki,mcm g2 lar pilihan sy 6t... cite mimpi kaksu sy hmpir sm pendek kata menepati piawaian sy... yer... ciri2 y exactly... xtipu lnsg... ble tya part tema plak,jwpannyer tema kaler ungu n konsepnya hampir sm ngan sy harapkan... what??? sm lg... mainan mimpi btol... tp klau lar jd realiti... rsnya sy mampu pengsan kot... hahahaha... ok lar... myb akan b'laku tp bkan lam ms t'dekat... byak lg bnda sy kn lakukan lam idop sblom b'tukar status... y pasti INAI KAT JARI AKAN ADA BILA TIBA MASANYA... juz tggu yer!!! jmpa lg...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

..a jOuRneY...

salam n mOrnin' eVeRy1..hOws ur day?? arap2 Okies w/out prOb pepOn.. ble bc tiTtle.. huh.. cam nk cite suMthiN' y btOl2 mampu tarik miNda.. x tahan btOl kan.. blE kte tgk blIk cOrAk p'jalanan idOp kte , msti de gak y ckap "well,xsangka ak bley lepAs smUa onAk durI k'hidOpan".. cehh.. ayat.. sOmE of Us idOpnyer xdak hlangan pa pOn.. seyez LUCKY!! zAman baBy2, baik.. xbyAk sOngeh..blE msOk jaa skUL, jd lak cReam of dA cOFfeE.. tiMe uNi plaK, asyK dpAt DEKAN.. ktE plak mcm mn gaMaknye yer?? keCIk2 sk nAnGeh.. xnAk p skUL.. mcm2 lg.. tp kan klaU d'Pk kan blik.. spe sbnarnyer y lg bYak pngaLamAn lam idOp?? thOse peOple y always lUckY jaa m'manJang bak highWay.. o kte y slaLu dOk msOk jlan cAm nk P bendang?? de y ckap idOp cAm highwAY lar syOKK.. tOksOh dOk pikiq pa lg.. jlan jaa.. tgk siGnbOard,ikOt.. xpEnim pAlO pOn.. ermm.. YuPpIe.. anDa agK btOl d'c2.. tp bG Owg y sK dOk rOnda2.. xsk hIgHway... jlan besA2 lar lg bEsT!! pnOh cbaRan.. br lar idOp fUll wIth cOlOurs.. plak dah.. g2 plOp.. blE Owg bG pndPat.. dgaq jaa yaa!! bIar ler Owg tu cIte ngan pnOh dRaMa..
kOnklusIyEr.. piLih lar jlan y kOwg rs t'amAt suitS ngan dIri KoWg yep.. xkIsaH lar dyOwg pk pA pOn.. jnji jIwa dIrI snDr lbey tenAng hndAknyer.. hihi.. tHAnks cZ drOp bY n bc cOretan y kUraNg senI neyh.. jMpA lg.. salam

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

peNarikkan naFas

leGa?? yup.. finally it happened tO me... pergh... rs pelik... but it is a gOOd pelik.. write abOut sumthing... wat ciK husna.."weh,ble ang nk wat blog..ak tggu ang"... nah! ambik... ang bc... dOnt fOrget2 nk bc lak... 6t de lak y nk kena lambung smpai siam... ini adalah fasa y very first.. fasa y len 6t yer.. juz wanna try sumthing new.. sumthing dat can lead my life so much better... jjur cite seyez cuak... hrap2 ok... really hope so..^^

my firstly!!!


helloo .. im new blogger!!! wanna know me.. be my follower okey!!
keep it up!!!!