Friday, 11 November 2011

things that BESTFRIENDS do together

wowww... what a woe feeling.. its totally been awhile since my last knocking on my love's lappy.. kinda feel like im already outdated from blog walking n all those stuff.. I NEED TO EXPLORE MORE BLOG!!! yeahhh... thats exactly whats on my mind now (if i do hv any xtra time! hoped so!)
last Tuesday i had a chance to give some of my time to all my babies.. so drama queen.. is it??? my babies stand 4 all my close babes.. its been ages since our last date.. if im not mistaken, it happened on Sept.. can u imagine whats on Earth that we r missing??? so so sooo much things to share with.. thanks our HOTTEST BABE for the riding... thanks a lot yaaa!!! a good driver one.. thats absolutely from bottom of my heart!!
enough with all the talk, lets the pictures do the talk.. scroll down, n hoped u guys enjoy!!

hot is it??? hot dude, ameer
on my left is sakinah.. also hot stuff..
remember girl on my right??? yup,qiss

ameer, qiss & me!
hot babes are together now!!
oh my! who daughter is this??? hahak
me ( almost looks like a ninja!)  with sakinah
sakinah looks like topmodel,right?? yeahh.. she knows how to pose!  
newly me!!!
at the end, yess its all about me!! creepy is it?? 
u see, i got many pictures to share with.. but yet i think i dont want any of u guys feel like "yeahh, i bored now!! gv me something else to see!!" hahahaha.. well, i better make a move now.. c u guys later!!

keys off!

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