Friday, 18 November 2011

cupid's love that people ANNOYED!!!

having some kinda dark period is the worst feeling ever.. where the all day long isnt perfectly match o suits enough with the emotion.. it is the most hardest thing to admit but thats the real thing which exactly happen to me!! now!!!
seriously.. i just cant help myself to b more annoyed towards some of FREAKIN PEOPLE  who just pretend to b madly in love.. its totally like "Hey!! where is the one who u try to fool with???!!!" i just dont get it.. LITERALLY, DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look, lets put it in this situation.. in ur mind,u tend to b everyone's sweetheart.. but the truth goes opposite!! think that people who always bribe u with all the RANDOM SWEET THING when people actually DO FEEL KIND OF ANNOYED WITH U!! wake up dear!!! this is not a fairy tale's world.. this is reality... pretend to b sweet kiddo wasnt ur thing.. its supposed fly away once u grow up..
well,thats me now... HELLO WORLD!!! i cant b more interested with UR SWEET TEEN'S LOVE but seriously U HV TO GV ME A BREAK!!! please... kindly gv me my own private space for breathing.. cause i really cant stand with all the thingy.. makes me sick of it.. it just... LET IT B NATURAL... LOVE IS SOMETHING THAT I REALLY KNOW, IT IS INTIMATE.. ONLY BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE...FULLSTOPS!!!

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