Tuesday, 6 December 2011

what happen to me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi peepers!! typing while listening ur fav song totally a cool feeling ever.. keeps ur nerve stay alert.. is it??? guess so.. okies dokie.. as u know, its been ages since my last update.. if im not mistaken.. busy?? yes.. perfectly match with my days now.. i do hv millions things to do now.. volleyball's tournament coming soon... just another 2 days left.. yup... really blow my mind away.. cant wait for all these come to the end!! this one totally took most of my time.. cz im not that typo which keep myself online all time!!

top of that, im now in the mood of dizzy!!! final exam will say hi to me just like any sec!! by the time we celebrate new year, i hv to struggle with the future!!! typical me.. always study at the most last minute.. never do this in ur life yaa!!! unless u r the top one.. which i bet u r...

like i used to share with u guys before.. bout my unpredictable relationship with Mr. Physic.. oh my!!!  i do try my very own best to FALL IN LOVE AGAIN with it... still, its not going anywhere but only in here... stuck at the old place.. okay.. u guys might wondering " dont u ever gv any shot??" my answer probably " yes!! i do!!! indeed, i gv my all!!" i hv my best tutor.. particularly a very good one..but i guess physic is not flowing in my nerve like Bio's do..  if u do hv any quick n fast to learn physic, please do let me know okay!!! really need ur help now!!! IM DYING OVER PHYSIC NOW!!!! save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

till next time, c ya!!!!
keys off!

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  1. goodluck on ur tournament and ur up comming final exam!

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