Thursday, 8 December 2011

having our moment with beloved MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!

hi peepers!! after having super lunch at Marry Brown with my coolest buddies, the moment when i wrote my dizzy headed bout things that gv it knocks to me lately... n yes our lunch was hilarious!! went around 2.30 pm till 5 pm!!! thanks lar to Mai, Mieza n hero, Syuk!!! laugh all the time... like we own the Marry Brown!!! hahahaha.. *evil laugh*

after gv some space for my tummy,  like two hours break, my roomiest asked me to gv her
some company.. send over our friend, Fiqa to bus station.. once the "bye bye" moment ends, both of us heading to Marry Brown!!! again!!!!!!!!!!! in case u guys wondering.. yup.. we went to the same Marry Brown but with different outfit n different spot!!! thanks yaa Mahira.. the cashier continuously gv her smile.. i bet she does knew us lar!!! lets fill in the vacancy!! hahaha... we talked... downloading cool stuff while enjoying our fast food again!! n my other roomiest join us n asked whether we want some ice cream... hello Dayang!!! dont bother urself okies with that question.. n all Mahira n i said was.. MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor Dayang... hahaha.. next time dont ask!! just buy 4 us!!! n this is one of my video that shows how much we do appreciate ice cream... especially MAGNUM!! n for the very first time i do talk in Bahasa.. hoped u guys can understand my Bahasa y sgt b'terabur!!

quality quite far from the expectation.. never mind, nx time yaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gtg now..  long day for me tomorrow!!!! nite fellas!!! 

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