Tuesday, 13 September 2011

talk n talk

hi peeper! seems like i being away for quite some time.. got lots of things in my head to share with u guys.. this entry might be much longer than what I've done..
for very first thing has to be Eid celebration.. i have to say..YES! this is the BEST YEAR EVER.. the reason why i say so was i still get my pocket full of Eid Money.. u hv to admit it.. its getting harder to get this DUIT RAYA since u getting older.. most of my friends send their jealousy toward me.. all because i got almost RM300!! wow.. its quite a good number.. does it??? say YES okay!=D.. barely my babes only got like below than RM50.. okay what.. b thank dear.. since my DUIT RAYA rose this year, it seems perfectly match with weighing scale.. i guess its only an ERROR.. n yet it wasnt!! oh no!! have to start MY FAKE DIET!! okay2.. laugh ur butt off.. DIET is not in my dictionary of life.. if i said i want to lost weight it goes opposite!! so it will be safe if i said, I DONT BOTHER ABOUT WEIGHT STUFF.. n i will much thinner.. hope so!!=D
second thing has goes to my NEW LIFE IN CAMPUS!! im currently in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.. pursuing my degree on Geo-science.. im 19 yrs old n on my way getting degree.. its just awesome!! in this course, i didnt expect to learn again about PHYSICS!! i left all my memories about it in high school.. never cross in my mind to have ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP WITH PHYSIC!! i guess i never gave any clear words since OUR BREAK UP IN HIGH SCHOOL.. thats why its keep on with me.. so what i have to do??  it means that i have to RECALL BACK all about this thingy.. have to open my boxes just to find any particular things that related to it.. if i still have it.. if not.. i need some HANDSOME TUTOR to teach me... or else i wont b spark to learn physic as i learn bio.. life in here doesnt differ with matric life.. except i hv SO MUCH FREE TIME in here.. its only 1 o 2 o 3 class per day.. back in matric, class start at early in 8 am n ends in 5 pm.. my new friends.. as i can say.. they all superb!! same as my friends in matric.. my room, it was fine.. roomiest,thanks GOD.. they all hilarious.. got from Johor, Penang n also from Kelantan.. we can share the same thought.. it was really really fine roommates..
on the next entry, i will share all my pictures in here.. n lete the pics do the talk.. c ya!!
keys off!

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