Monday, 26 September 2011

please grow up!!!

hi peers.. hows ur day?? hope it is much brighter than i am today.. okay.. im now in mood of annoyed.. why am i saying such a fussy thing??? because some of people dont know how to give back when someone lends their hand... seems weird thingy to share with.. but to be truth.. im just sick n really damn tired from all these people.. hello!!! be nice to people who willing to help u out... dont just move ur butt off!! whenever comes things that need ur attention n cooperation, please make urself available.. dont u learn anything from civics classes??? if u have to stuck in a group, whether u like o not.. u hv to participate.. dont just rely on other person to back u up.. some other people hv their things to do.. ever think about it??? its just.. hey!!! wake up.. u r not in kindergarten anymore.. u know what ur job is... then do it... dont expect other people to do ur things... can u just GROW UP?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

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