Saturday, 13 October 2012

To Be Cruel Yet To Be Kind

things happen for reasons.. i've been told over and over again about the phrase... these few days, my limit had been touched... and I've been wondering, is it going to reach to the top???? is it affect my life???? is it the payback??? is it the price for my wrongdoing???

yes.. put the blame on me.. for being naive in friendship.. thought life will be such an ease when having a good bonding with homo-sapiens..  but then.. its comes with the price.. no one should be so nice with others.. no one should be so opposite... you just.. no! MUST put yourself in between.. thats the exact meaning of "To Be Cruel Yet To Be Kind"..

like seriously.. im just too damn tired of trying to be neutral... it do killed me...  for the time sake, im just pretending to be cool.. try to act like nothing happened.. but somehow im just fooling myself out...  its like letting yourself to beat up...  such a moron.. i didnt fight for myself...  again... its showed the level of my stupidity...

when you  make others happy, you are hoping that they do have a blast.. without knowing you were hurting... thats my choice...i rather cry in silent than showing my tears... im bad when its comes to expressing the REAL FEELING... did anyone knows how to deal a business in my situation????  business of feeling?????

after a while, i regenerate my feeling, recharge my stand and hoping things will get better.. which i know it is really pull myself into a good deal..

this sem started with dirt... and i wished to end it up with joy! InsyaAllah, the great Almighty always stay by my side..

keys off!!