Wednesday, 18 July 2012

why ENGLISH instead of BAHASA

for the very first time, when i started blogging, using English wasnt my full option of expressing thought... but somehow typing the words makes me feel better.. more myself... im not saying that im perfect in English but i dont put myself into the lowest place in practicing English.... i do have some lack with the language but i manage myself to learn more.. and more.. and more....

i was born around English's environment.. practically, both of my parents were English educators.. in other prospective, they give me a big influence towards the language.. seriously, your environment do lead to who are you today...

i listened to English's songs... and yes, i do have more English songs compared to Malays one.. why??? for me, i got so much soul in their music.. Lifehouse,The Script, Nickelback, Michelle Branch or even Taylor Berrett...their songs killed me!!! i moved my head when listened to their songs... the lyrics went straight to me.. i also likes Yuna.. but only when her songs in English... i listened to IAmNeeta,FynnJamal,Bo.. do you know any of these guys??? they produce a good malay songs.. and yes..they all from people who have their own identities... i love people who make songs based on their surrounding.. better yet, they are the people who behind the theater.. or the perfect word,from underground thinking people..

i read more English's novels instead of Malay.. but hey, i do have collection of Ramlee Awang Murshid's novels.. and mostly my friends.. on my age, do not know him.. why??? because i love thriller's novels..teens my age more prefer romantic novels.. yup! indeed!! and yes i love novels from FIXI and LEJEN PRESS.. aware with this publishers?? the publishers who publish indie novels???

i do prefer English.. yet i love my OWN BAHASA... its not a waste right if we know both language??? it makes me move ahead in my life... i hoped people can change their mind and stop teasing people who want a better way of communication...



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  2. Most important is ADAMIC PROTOINDOGERMANIC - to learn it, English and German are needed , because of ADAMIC PROTOINDOGERMANIC lexicon commentary language: IT IS: PURE AND UNDEFILED LANGUAGE FROM BEFORE BABEL - no taint of confused loanwords is even allowed to this language. All is explained here: - so you see, confused bahasa is no more than prison sentence which denies you be ADAMIC INDOGERMANIC and CATHOLIC at once.

  3. am Ende steht der Sieg: