Thursday, 19 January 2012

my early 2012!

hi peepers!!
hows ur early 2012 treat u??? super fine is it?? hoped so.. ^^.. according to Mayan's calendar, the world should end by this year... hurmmm.. lets say, lets Allah do His job.. what i mean is, if He wants this as an end, then there is nothing we can do.. right?? if this one is not goin to happen... lets us work together to improve our ibadah, advance our knowledge n get in better in whatever we r doin okay...

my year started with, yup.. faced my final exams!! thats one... really took my breath away... had my K'negeraan n Titas was quite okay 4 me... but then.. having some sort of troublesome when it comes to KILLER subjects!! Bio's n Physics's, was hard but still i can pull myself all together.. chemistry was.. well im tryin so hard 2 forget all the bad timing that i had.. superb hard.. after the time's up, i was.. am i gonna make this.. =,=.... no clue at all...

this year.. this very 2012..shows me that i am a sweet 20-goin-to-be.. people might ask me 2 b more adult.. aiyooo.. which i can say i doubt that one!! how can i b more adult when i sat in front of tv, waitin 4 Kampung Boy?? o Totally Spies??? o Ninja Boys?? o Sergent Keroro??? now, do u get any pic of me gettin into an adult phase?? the BIG NO knock straight to my head..

as age gettin older by each year, some of us was poke with the BIG Q.. what is it?? Q that haunted ur single life!!!  a marriage proposal.. back in time when i was in matrix Penang, i had been told, one of my x-classmate got married.. that time, we both at 18yrs old.. day of wedd was the day i faced my 1st final exam in sem 1.. the nx year when i facing my 2nd final exam in sem 2, i heard she already gv birth 2 a beautiful daughter.. okay.. to b honest, it really freak me out.. some people was busy build up the family when i try to pull myself to get a better future.. then by the time im pursuing my degree, having a classmate that already someone's fiance n jz now i read my dear friend's status on Fb, saying that on how her father letting her to marry.. fyi... she is 21st yrs old.. ermm.. jz woe.. is it?? all i can guess.. at my age, anything shall happen... thats no all.. according 2 my friend's theory.. boys would love to flirt around.. dating with girls.. same thing goes to girls..BUT!! at the moment they went to university, they dont longer think bout dating people...  they thinking about on how to settle down!! theory that might come as reality.. yes.. i do become the witness already!! 

keys off readers!

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